Career Cluster: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Career Interview: Meet Haanyadzisi Batisai the meteorologist

Following our article on meteorology, we met up with Mr Batisai who gave us a more vivid out look on pursuing this career line.

A Career in Meteorology

Meteorology has been around as far back as the 18th century. It focuses on the fact and processes of the atmosphere. Becoming one blesses you with the power to "predict the future!"

Career Interview with Happiness Munedzimwe: Product Quality Analyst at Facebook Inc

Some of my projects have internal engineers as the customers, such as monitoring API handoffs and service degradations or business leaders as the customers, such as using data for market segmention

Career Interview: Boboh Kamangira the Data Analyst

In 2015 I joined the Clinton Health Access Initiative as a Volunteer, a position I held for 4 months before being “promoted” to Analyst, Laboratory Systems. I held the post of Analyst, Laboratory Syst

Careers: Data Science

Data science refers to the mechanisms, skills and technologies that can be applied to data so as to extract patterns, predictions, anomalies and make recommendations in business

We talk to Zororo Makumbe, a cool mathematician

Currently, I am working with a professor to model the price of a European option using what are known as stochastic volatility models...

Career Guidance: We talk to Akinson Tumbure, a Soil Scientist

I work at The Soil Productivity Research Laboratory (SPRL) which is a section under The Chemistry and Soil Research Institute (CSRI)...

Quality Assurance in Veterinary Labs, whats that about?

This week we spoke to one of the nerds who works at a local Vet Lab. Despite a fair amount of coaxing he/ she insisted on remaining anonymous.

We speak to Donald Hove the Actuarial Consultant

I moved to African Actuarial Consultants in 2009 where I joined as a junior consultant in the employee benefits team. I was quickly moved to the life insurance advisory team to work on financial ...

Demistifying the Actuarial Sciences

Actuarial Science is about using mathematical skills to analyse and assess risk. Some of the areas addressed by Actuarial Science include: Insurance, Pensions, Health Care, Banking and investments...