Our Services

The Careerzim portal was launched in 2011 with the sole objective of providing free career guidance to students, parents and industry professionals.

Ever since that time, we have gone to do career guidance sessions for schools; sometimes in partnership with the Government Ministries and Schools; sometimes on our own platforms. We have also expanded to include training services for technology and other areas. Our current areas of focus are explored below.

Career Guidance Services

We have certified career analysts who are dedicated to providing career tests, assessments and guidance with the aim of empowering individuals and groups. Contact us to arrange career guidance sessions for your groups or even individuals.

Career Assessments

As certified career analysts, we are uniquely positioned to career tests. These tests consist of assessment questions which ultimately result in a personalised report which indicates the most suitable options based on your interests and strengths.

Microsoft Certification Level and other general technology Trainings

We have certified trainers who are also experienced industry professionals. We provide trainings in the areas of Software Development, Data Analysis, Database Development and Administration. We also provide trainings in other technology areas for schools, individuals and groups.