December 2020 WhatsApp Career Session: Careers in Software Engineering

During the lockdown and afterwards, we have mostly been holding one on one sessions with Individuals who reached out to us. Gathering was not allowed and for good reasons.

But the show must go on! 

In December going forward, we will be holding sessions on platforms such as WhatsApp and Skype amongst others. The goal being to help many out there who are seeking direction for their careers. These sessions will cover specific areas as well as general career guidance. Professionals in those fields as well as our own careerzim facilitators will run the sessions.

We are also happy to announce that we have two personnel who became the first Certified Career Analysts in the country and we have partnered with an Indian Company to provide tests based on Artificial Intelligence to analyse your preferences and interests and match those to relevant careers. This produces a very detailed report which you will just love!

To attend the WhatsApp Session, simply make a payment to via EcoCash to the Model Business Services Merchant Code 15131 and send proof of payment to 0716401517 on WhatsApp. 

If you wish to book us for group sessions, like school, church or other, just reach out on that same WhatsApp number and let's help each other to extinguish the ignorance around careers!