Career Interview: Meet Dr Last Hamandiishe the Dentist

  • What is your job title and where do you currently work?

Dr. Hamandishe and I are the founder and CEO of Absolute Dentistry.

  • What does your firm/ organization do?

We provide general dental services which include families and the community. We also Provide Preventive dentistry- here we educate our patients on how best they can take care of their teeth, including visiting the dentist at least twice a week. Curative dentistry is where we do our fillings, root canals, extractions and in cases of emergencies such as accidents. We go to schools and provide free education on how best they can take care of their teeth and we also do outreaches.

  • Tell us a little bit about your career history?

I did my primary and secondary education in Marondera at Dombotombo Primary ad Rakodzi high school. I then went to Murehwa High for my A levels in sciences. In 2002 I started college at the University of Zimbabwe and graduated in 2008. From there I worked for the Government in 2009 as an intern and also at Chivhu Provincial hospital. In 2010 I came back to Marondera at the Provincial Hospital as the senior Dentist, by the end of 2010 I opened my very own Private dentistry and officially resigned from the government as the Senior General Dentist Officer 2010-2014. And I have fully committed to my dentistry.

  • Was this always your dream career or it changed somewhere along the line?

Growing up I have always wanted to be an Engineer and worked towards that. However, during my A level studies, I learnt about Dentistry and it became my second choice. But when I read more and more about it, I fell in love with the profession and decided to pursue it.

  • How closely does your academic education fit in with your job?

What I learned in college connects extremely well with my everyday tasks here in the surgery. I am constantly going back to my notes when I am faced with something, I am not sure about. However, within my profession, I am required to keep learning and updating my knowledge because in medicine things are ever-changing and there are always new discoveries.

  • What qualifications do you hold? In short what educational path got you where you are? Could you have made the path shorter?

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Zimbabwe. A Post Graduate Diploma in Implantology from the University of Pretoria South Africa and a Post Graduate Diploma in Orthodontics in South Africa

  • What are the tasks that you do regularly in your profession?

I conduct my staff meetings, do discussions with my fellow dentists at the surgeon. I also do fillings, cleaning patients’ mouths, making new teeth, doing implants and braces.C

  • Can you tell us some of the projects you have worked on, which you found interesting?

I have managed to grow my surgery from 1 to 3 operating rooms. I now have a branch in Murehwa, Harare and in Chiredzi I managed to open 2 surgeries by 2014. I am one of the few dentists or surgeries in Zimbabwe to own some of the best Technologically advanced equipment, ranking me as one of the A star dentistry surgeries in the country. Most patients get referred to other countries for the type of services that I offer.

  • What is it that excites you the most when you are doing your job?

Seeing happy smiles! The ability to help people regain their confidence by correcting crooked teeth, removing rotten teeth and placing new ones and even giving people without teeth new teeth is unmatched. It is always a great thing to see your patient smile and feels confident again.

  • What bits do you find boring in your daily tasks?

Cleaning people’s mouths and doing extractions.

  • Any advice to those studying or aiming at this job or career?

If you are passionate about dentistry but you do not want to work long hours and overtime, dentistry is something that even by lunchtime you would have finished with your patients. You always get to meet new people every day. And you should always keep reading to be the best.


The interview was done by

Sharon Tanyaradzwa Sakonda and Elizabeth Matsauke