Choosing a Career based on your Personality 2

Welcome back! After reading the first article on the first set of personalities, I am back with a whole new lot. So, if you thought that you had been left out, well no need to sulk, you are covered!

Let’s just dive right into it!

                                       The Provider 

Are the typical social butterflies who are always outdoors and want to make other people very happy. A number of them tend to become event organisers, motivated by the smiles and nods they get from their clients.

They are naturally people pleasers, very energetic who basically look and crave for cooperation from their peers.

Suitable Careers involve

  • special needs teacher,
  • nurses,
  • dietitian,
  • receptionist
  • events coordinator
  •                                                   The Idealist

  • These people are introverted and very quiet. They look at life with a deeper meaning metaphor and are very imaginative and can be lost in thought.

    They have a concern for humanity, can be considered perfectionists who heavily rely on their intuitions. They are sometimes reserved when it comes to talking about themselves and very defensive when it comes to something, they strongly believe in.

    Careers they can take up:

    • Writer
    • Photographer
    • Librarian
    • Physical Therapist

                                                     The champion

    They are highly individualistic. They aim at creating their own actions, habits, and ideas and looks. They easily get bored. They perform better in careers that require them to creatively generate new ideas and they do not work well at detailed routine places of work.

    Their enthusiasm and individualism land them as inspirers and motivators for others. The champions do not work well when being told what to do i.e. being controlled or monitored by others.


    • Law
    • Health care e.g. counseling
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Marketing
    • Journalism

                                                            The Supervisor

    They are organised, honest people who are traditional and strongly believe in doing what is socially acceptable. They lead in monitoring the good and bad, making them the type of people who become counselors and give advice and guidance.

    They are easily labeled as judgmental because they are used to the conventional way of doing things. They are great organisers of people, operations and projects. At the workplace, they can be known as the person that always gets the job done.

    Careers they can express themselves include:

    • An insurance agent
    • Real Estate Agent
    • Office Manager
    • Military
    • Auditor

                                                                      The Nurturer

    They are humanitarians and always seek to promote the welfare of others. They are kind-hearted people who value peace and cooperation. They can come across as very sensitive people.

    They are very dependable beings who follow rules and are unlikely to take new paths because they believe traditions exist for a reason.

    They are people who overall work better in careers that are not abstract, such careers include engineering or careers that involve understanding how and why things function.

    They are introverted, meaning they like to work on their own, and they can take up careers such as IT, Photography and Film.


  • Written by
  • Sharon T Sakonda