Choosing a Career based on your Personality

Personality! We use this word a lot in our everyday lives, commonly it’s when we use it to describe our friends “I like his/her  personality” Now if we can use personalities to determine who will be our friends and who we might spend the rest of our lives with, why can’t we use it to choose our career lines?

Personality is a collection of our characteristics or our unique qualities that then form our character as a person. Our personalities embrace our attitudes, opinions, and moods and they are fully expressed or noticed when we interact with others.

Most of us rarely consider personality as a factor when choosing career lines. It is mainly about getting that job that gets you the big buck. But is it really a success when you are miserable However, in this new day and age, we can do something that complements our character and personalities and still get that buck!

This article and the next will seek to understand the different personalities out there and how they fit into different careers.

Type of personalities that are there:

                                                The Giver

 they are loyal, reliable and are genuinely kind people, who love to give back to the community, share their knowledge so as to help people. They tend to be really passionate people because they are ruled by their “heart” and not their “heads”, making them open-minded and accepting of other people despite their backgrounds or ethnicity.

Sounds like you? Here is an example of jobs that are suitable for someone who loves to give back to the community:

Nurses and Doctors- they dedicate their time energy in helping all and ensuring you all feel better, and they always put the patient first making this a good career line for natural-born givers.

Other career options include teachers, civil engineers, social workers, humanitarians.

                                                        The Doer

They are risk-takers and are people of action. They are usually very energetic people who also love to talk, making friends for them comes naturally and they get along with people. Doers would rather be out there in the field rather than being stuck in an office behind a computer. Examples of suitable careers include pilot,…. One can easily see the “Doer” in a pilot when you imagine the effort, attention to detail involved in controlling a plane for hundreds of kilometers….. The same can be seen for a web developer as they design each section of a web page, continuously moving between designing and reviewing. Other suitable careers include electrician…

                                                The Commander

 They are known as a leader as they develop that personality within them. They see problems as challenges as great opportunities to better themselves. They always lead or take charge of situations and easily come up with ideas. They are all creative people, strategic, organized and always approach life with logic and analytical mind. Best suited career lines for people it this personality trait include Business and Finance, Architecture, Engineering, Legal sector, Teaching, and Public Speaking.


                                                The Performer

 have strong people skills, they love being around people and others like having them around too? they are fun and love to be the center of attention. Performers are very energetic people who are out-going, social and talkative. Career lines that can complement such energy include Acting, dance, Theater, Music, Radio, and television presenting.

                                               The mastermind

 Ambitious, confident and very analytic. They are very intelligent people who value knowledge and always want to better themselves and the world around them. They are the quiet type who you will always find indoors and enjoy their own company. Very organized and are rarely spontaneous since their lives are or days are planned out. Career lines suitable for masterminds usually involve science and technology topics or subjects. Jobs include engineering, content writers, database administrators, project managers, and logistics managers. All of which involve innovation and logic, problem-solving and creative skills.


                                               The Craftsman

 These people are designers and creative people. As kids, they are the ones who would take apart a toy just to see how things really work. They are very logical and curious people. They are quiet and very mysterious; they rarely use emotions to make decisions and they are very realistic. Craftsmen are risk-takers, love new experiences and gaining knowledge. Career lines include Engineering, acting, reporter and architect.

If any of these personalities sound like you do not forget to comment, like and share!

 Written by

Sharon T Sakonda