A career in Chartered Accounting

Chartered Accountants are some of those “fancy” professionals you just get to hear about in the news. Even those students who are interested in joining this profession tend to be just in love with the name and status without being knowledgeable on what it’s all about.

Chartered Accountants are still Accounts but with a higher level of specialisation. Chartered Accountants undergo supervised training at accredited training offices, this means that reports produced by Chartered Acccountants are more "trusted" when it comes to producing standardised reports.

The mother body for these guys in Zimbabwe is ICAZ.

Who or what is ICAZ?

ICAZ stands for Institute of Chartered Accountants in Zimbabwe.

What does ICAZ Offer?

ICAZ is the examination and accreditation body for all Chartered Accountants in Zimbabwe.

How do I become a Chartered Accountant?

ICAZ offers two options here:

  1. If you are coming straight from A ‘Level you can try to secure a place working for one of the accredited companies listed here (http://www.icaz.org.zw/iMISDocs/tipp_topp.pdf). You will then be required to enrol with UNISA for a BCompt Financial Accounting degree- which runs for three years. The student will be required to have two A ‘Levels and five O ‘Levels with an “A” in Mathematics and an “A” or “B” in English.
  2. If you have a recognised degree from an ICAZ accredited University or have completed the above stage you can then:
    Register for the Zimbabwe Certificate in Theory of Accounting Level 1. This is a one year programme which you are required to pass in one sitting.
    After completing (I) above you can register for the Zimbabwe Certificate in Theory of Accounting Level 2. This is also a one year programme.
    Register for the Initial Test of Competence.
    Register for the Qualifying Exam.

ICAZ is also now working towards partnering local universities to offer these exams.

Thats it for Chartered Accounting, if you have any questions or comments you may email us or ask them in the comments section...