Career Cluster: Information Technology

Careers: Computer Networking

Computer networking is simply connecting one or more computers so that they “talk”to each other!

Meet Edmore Munedzimwe, Application Development Consultant at Microsoft

My role is in designing software modules for custom software development projects. Generally I am required to have detailed programming and architectural knowledge..

Careers in software engineering part 2

I once bumped into an advert in a local newspaper which required someone with a journalism degree and a minor in I.T. They wanted a consultant who would identify an appropriate enterprise social...

Meet Mthulisi the Electrician

I have a national certificate in electrical engineering from Mutare Polytechnic College a trade test certificate from Ministry of Manpower Development.

Career Interview: meet Dr Paradza a distinguished project manager

My track record of handling big projects got me head-hunted for a multi-million dollar project in a bank

A career as an Ethical Hacker

Have you ever watched a good movie with hackers in it and you just thought: “Wow I wish I could be that good with a computer!”?

Careers in software engineering

Recently a friend asked me what I actually do at work,... For us to understand what a software engineering is, we have to know what a software is!...